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Oakmont High School provides you an opportunity to teach leadership skills to the next generation and is the solution to your labor needs.

For a $30 donation to OPC, we will help you attract and hire the brightest young minds in the community. Our students can help your business after school and on weekends, and together we strengthen our community.


Please note that per state law and district guidelines, final approval of your advertisement and ability to hire students is determined by Oakmont High School. As such, OPC cannot take responsibility for any discrepancies or conflict between your job opening and what is allowed. Your $30 donation is our referral fee regardless of outcome.


Example; If you run a steel mill, bar, or pesticide factory, please don’t try to hire a teenager. We won’t send them to you and we will keep your money! 

Hire a Student


Contact info (email address, mailing address) will be collected at checkout

We will email you to request the job description.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  OPC Tax ID:  68-0071586

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